Tuesday, June 16, 2015

White Diamonds Free Photoshop Pattern

Free Photoshop Pattern, White Diamonds displays white zig zag criss cross patterns on various backgrounds.

Anyone could have made this. All I did was type an X and changed the backgrounds, saving each one in a color. It takes the work out of something so simple it should be free. So now it is.

Remember, you can pretty much consider everything on this blog to be public domain. So, in other words for someone desperately seeking the words, this is free for personal and commercial use.

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Some more pictures for those who don't just take free shit without questioning it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Do you have a need to define love? The best definition of the word is by far the Bible's definition (though Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary and Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 come close). You can find these in First Corinthians 13, verses 4-7 and 13.

Faith Hope Love The greatest of these is love

In order to find love, you have to love

Love is Patient Love is Kind Love Never Fails

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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Social Media Icons

Download a Free Font of the Basic Icons to use by themselves or as a means to edit in a graphics software.

These are the only characters in the font.

Social Media Icons

My Social Media Buttons I made: I refer to it as "retro" because I kind of suck at telling you what "Style" something is and it seems retro to me. It makes me think of TV Dinners in front of a black and white TV with bunny ears (antennae for those too young to know... no it wasn't furry).

You can get the source files for free... Keep Scrolling

I also have some Pink Watercolor Brush Social Media Icons available in two different pinks.

If You'd Like the Free Font and Source Files for the Social Media Icons (Retro and Pink)...

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My font with some styles applied...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More flower pics from weeds that are pretty

While photographing pictures of weeds for the font, Floral Flush, I took some pic worthy photos you can use for any reason.

This weed is actually growing all over the place next to the Chinese Buffet nobody trusts.

Isn't it cool what you can do with curves in photoshop? Looks like two different pictures doesn't it?

Floral Flush

New Font of stems and flowers.

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Created from photographs with a drunken read me file. So as a result, you'll have to play with the keys to see what has a glyph and what doesn't. For instance, I think the ? has a glyph, but the / does not, so it's where you hold the shift key only.

For a list of all the dingbats in this font...